Capture all for an easy self-assesment

Built for the UK self-employed who wants to pay less tax when it's time for their self-assesment. The app that notifies you the amount that's due for the tax man, makes you claim more expenses and tells you the exact amout due to be paid to HMRC.

We're building a smart bookkeep app that's one step ahead of the tax man.

Smart Notifications

Never miss an expense claim; no matter the amount. We compare previous month's expense with current and asks if you've entered all expenses. The app that notifies you each month the amount in tax due. Notifications are a great way for you to stay on top of your finances.

Notification that compares last month's expense with present month ensuring you claim the full amount and never to miss an expense claim no matter the amount.

Include Lost Fees

No more unclaimed bank/fees when you add an income. Remember that merchant that charges £0.20 + 1.4% in fees? That bank that charges to deposit funds? We forget that those are expenses. Now it's time to include those fees so you'll be able to take home more of your hard-earned money.

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